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Do you need a quality meat goat judge for your youth and non-sancationed shows?  Contact us - Rick and Cathy Van Wyhe both have judged 4-H/FFA shows as well.  Give any one of us a call for your next non-sanctioned show.




We had an amazing year showing in 2011.  First about 2 weeks before the Tall Corn Sale in April Rick had emergency surgery on his foot.  Rick was not allowed to put any weight on his foot for over 90 days - thus the show season was left up to Cathy and Stephanie.  We started our showing at Adel with just two wethers that belonged to Stephanie. These two wethers Parkour and Toad put a lot of miles on their resume' this past Summer.  It was quite interesting to see them show: Parkour was a wether you either really liked or you didn't... if the judge really  liked him he always placed in the money (top 5 of the class - only 3 times of the 9 times he was in the show ring Parker stood in back of the class).  At Minne-Goat-a Parkour won his class, at IMGA he placed 2nd and at the Tall Corn Jackpot Show he placed 4th!  Toad was the sleeper -- I think he always placed in the top 5 --- many times he was 3rd and at the Tall Corn Jackpot he was 5th!  Our does Lady Marvel, FHF Z0009, FHF Z377, Patchwork and Firefly does had a pretty good year as well.  We ended up with many 1st, 2nd and 3rds from these girls.  We even had a Division Champion, three Division Reserve Champions and Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Doe!  Our buck Captain America only showed in two shows this year as we were using him in the breeding pen most of the Spring and Summer but he did us very proud by winning his class and being named Champion Yearling Buck one day and Reserve Champion Yearling Buck the second day.  To say the least we were  very happy with our show season and are already looking at our young does to see who we might show next year!


Home of FHF Daddy's Girl - Six Shows in 2010 - Six Championships!

"This doe has the longest loin area I think I have ever judged" exclaimed Judge Wess Hallman.

Daddy's Girl was our top show doe for 2010.  She brought home 4 Sr. Grand Champion Percentage Doe placings, 2 Sr. Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Doe placings and was named GRAND CHAMPION PERCENTAGE DOE  by ABGA Judge Wess Hallman.  Daddy's Girl has been ultra-sounded safe to kid in January 2011 with twins.  She is bred to AABG NBD Rip To Be Square, our own Ripper son buck.  We can't wait for those two little surprise packages -- who knows what color they will be -- they can be anywhere between traditional ~ caped ~ paint ~ polka dot ~ red! 



"Living The Country Life" --- RFD TV
Trickman Boer Goats was featured on a segment of "Living The Country Life" the first week in December 2009, which airs on RFD-TV.  Producers of this program contacted us in October 2009 -- after determining the producers were not fakes or joking as we have several friends who love to mess with us and pull pranks - we decided the show would be a lot of fun.  The film crew came to our farm and filmed from 9:00 in the morning until close to 3:00 in the afternoon one cool day in late October.  After filming we supplied the producer with some pictures of Steph and Carson showing goats and Steph in the Poweshiek County Fair Queen contest...which by the way she won and represented our county at the Iowa State Fair in 2009.  A link to the video is .

  So check it out!


We have boer goats for sale in Iowa. Check out our Goats For Sale page . Almost all  of our goats have ennobled boers on their papers - see the does page to find out what they are...  Contact us if you are interested.   


Trickman Boer Goats is a family farm located in Central Iowa. Our family includes Rick and Cathy Van Wyhe, daughter Stephanie, and son Carson. We live on a beautiful 80 acre farm and raise top quality Full Blood Registered and Percentage Boer goats. Our farm is very easy to find, as it is located close to I-80 and is approximately one hour east of Des Moines, Iowa, and one hour west of Iowa City, Iowa. Trickman Boer Goats offers both Full Blood Registered and Percentage Boer goats for sale in Iowa.


The name "trickman" is due to one of Rick's other passions which is drag racing. Rick has been drag racing cars and motorcycles through out the Midwest for approximately 30 years. Over the years in the drag racing world Rick became known as "The Trickman". Trickman Rick has won national title races and was I.H.R.A. 2000 World Champion. In 2006 our Ford Thunderbird with a Chevrolet heart and soul won an Ironman Trophy at Martin, Michigan Northern Nationals. In April of 2007 the race car and trailer was sold as Trickman Rick decided it is more fun raising goats!

Trickman Boer Goats was established in 2006, which makes us fairly new to the goat world but rest assured we have worked very hard to locate and purchase excellent bloodline boer goats. Our goal is to offer the best boer goats for sale in Iowa as well as top market quality meat goats in Iowa. We are members of ABGA as well as IMGA. Our interests in meat goats came through 4-H when Carson, our son announced in 2005 he wanted to show meat goats at our local county fair in Grinnell, Iowa. At this time we started searching for meat goats, particularly show wethers to use as a 4-H project. This search became long and extensive. We attended a few workshops sponsored by the Iowa Meat Goat Association and learned as much as we could from the people giving the presentations. It was during this search we discovered South African Boer Goats and fell in love. Eventually we found a few percentage boer wethers to show and also purchased our first boer crossbred doelings. Our children both showed goats at the Poweshiek County fair, this was an excellent opportunity to get our feet wet in the goat show world. After our county fair we decided to attend the Iowa State Fair goat shows; FFA, 4-H and the open Boer Goat Show.



At the open goat show we hoped to obtain contacts to purchase quality goats from Iowa boer goat breeders. Our main search was to purchase a top quality buck to use as a herd sire and to locate bred boer does for sale in Iowa. We gathered business cards from the exhibitors and started looking at web sites as soon as we arrived home. Unfortunately, we could not find bred boer does for sale nor could we locate a full blood boer herd sire. This caused us to search the web through search engines to locate breeders in Eastern Iowa, Western Iowa, Southern Iowa, Northern Iowa or Central Iowa. We even looked for sites in Western IL, Central IL, Northern MO, Eastern NE, Southern WI and Southern MN. Finally we located Killian Boers known as "The Midwest's Premier Herd" of Boer Goats in Des Moines, Iowa. The owner Art Killian is a great person and had exactly the type of boer goat we were searching to purchase.

We purchased our first herd buck, BDK TTR T2, whose nickname is "Jerry" because his facial profile resembles a close friend named Jerry. Next we purchased a buck we called Ben, whose registered name was BQB Legion. Although both of these fine bucks gave us nice strong kids we desired to improve the kidding crop to be able to compete in the show ring and in the sale ring.  Thus, in February 2009, we decided to purchase some new bloodlines, including two new AABG bucks, AABG NBD Rip To Be Square and J&J1 AABG Bold Unit.  After using both boys extensively for three breeding cycles, we sold them to other goat breeders.  We kept back quality doelings from Rip and Bold Unit in our quest for herd improvement.   In 2010, we traveled east to find two new herdsires.  The first one is a solid red stud by the name of Back 2 Nature Rogue and the second purchase, Buddy, came from the Fern Hollow Farm dispersal sale.  Both boys made respectable showings in showring during the summer of 2010.  We started turning girls in with these boys in Mid-November, 2010, so we could get a taste of what kind of kids they will produce in April, 2011.  The kids arrived in April with size, color and eye appeal!  

Trickman Boer Goats are the proud sponsors of three banners at the Iowa State Fair!  Look for the checkered cloth banner in the swine building the last weekend of the 2011 Iowa State Fair -- we will be under the black and white checked material with two wethers and  eight does.  Stop by our pens and chat with us!


Visitors are also welcome to our farm.



This picture is some of the does in  2008
A group of young does on our farm in 2008 - you can see these does and their kids!



This picture is some of the does in 2008

Thank you to our buyers in 2007-2013 as we had a very successful first seven years in sales.  So far in 2013 we are setting a great pace !!  !We have kept in touch with our buyers throughout the yeasr and feel very proud of the animals we sold to these buyers as everyone seems pleased.  Looking forward to 2014!


Due to our location, we are able to offer Goats for Sale to people in many states, including Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota.

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