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Welcome to Trickman Boer Goats

Plans for 2016!

We will be busy in 2016! January = wean the November 2015 Kids : February = Start kidding : March - Get ready for the Midwest Rumble Elite Boer Goat Sale Round III : April = The Midwest Rumble Elite Boer Goat Sale Round III April 16th at Washington County Fairgrounds ~ Washington, Iowa : May Show at the Knoxville FFA ABGA Show : June Show at the ABGA Nationals : July Enjoy the Summer : August Show at the Iowa State Fair : September, October, November and December to be determined!


We love having visitors so contact us to set up a time for you to stop in and talk goat!


Recap of 2015

Rick and I attended the 2015 ABGA Nationals held June 7-12 at Grand Island Nebraska...we had a blast!  We met goat folks from CA, OR, WA, PA, WV, TN, OH IL, IN, GA, TX, OK ----too many states to name.   We hauled 2 goats to show at the Nationals but brought 3 home.  Our home raised doe Trickman Boer Goats Hot Jazz came home with a 4th place rosette while our doe Trickman Boer Goats Star of the Show made a debut appearance to Nationals.  Star did not bring home any ribbons or rosettes.  The third animal that came home with us is our new Jr. Herdsire -- ADVBG Storm's Radar.  Radar placed 5th in his class thus we brought home another rosette.  We think Radar will make huge improvements to our kids of the future.  Rick and I searched the barns Sunday and Monday to locate a buck to purchase and bring home with us...we priced several buck but Radar won our hearts.  We will soon post pictures of him; the coolest thing I can say about him is the judges at the show said " This bucks is one we really like, he is a bit green right now but it is our feelings he will be a huge contender in a few months "  Our hearts sang when we heard this -- we were already super excited when he placed 5th in a class of 30+ bucks but to have the judges make a special mention about him was music to our ears! 




Storm's Radar in the ring!
Storm's Radar

This is our new Junior Herdsire...Storm's Radar placed 5th at Nationals!  We really like this guy!

Storm's Radar in the ring!

Look at him---- such a proud boy!



Star of the Show
Hot Jazz - placed 4th


Star of the Show


Star of the Show was in a class of 51

Star of the Show was in a class of 51


Hot Jazz was in a much smaller class of 5

Hot Jazz was in a much smaller class of 5


We will be consigning goats to the Midwest Rumble - Round II on April 18th , 2015 at Washington, Iowa.  It will be a great day as it is Cathy's birthday so maybe a birthday goat will be coming home to Trickman Boer Goats from the sale!

Recap of 2014

Finally we have a red genetic buck on the farm again.  We purchased this buck from Randall Barker we can't wait to see what his genetics will do in our herd! 



New Trailer - Alum Line Showmaster!

New Trailer - Alum Line Showmaster!


Lettering on the back of the trailer.

Lettering on the back of the trailer.


Show pens inside and a tack storage area in the front.

Show pens inside and a tack storage area in the front.


We decided before the Iowa State Fair August 2013 to take the plunge and purchase a new goat trailer.  After pricing trailers for 3 or 4 years we felt it was time to get it done; so we sold our Southern Classic Low Profile trailer the week before going to the State Fair.  It was kind of strange to load the goats and tack in the trailer, unload everything at the fair and hand the title over to our friend Pat and Shelly Pitlick.  Our friend James Shepard loaded our goats and tack in his trailer for the trip home.  In September we borrowed a trailer from friends Marsha and Erin Patterson in order to attend the IMGA shows at Indianola.  Finally, October 23 we received the call our new trailer could be picked up at Cresco, Iowa home to Alum Line Trailers.  The trip to get the trailer was 3 hours there and 3 hours back; we had side winds and headwinds pretty much all the way home; our new streamline 6 foot tall 21 foot long trailer traveled with ease through it all.  The last test for the trailer was a 3 mile trek home on a dusty gravel road.  The sealed backend of the trailer kept all of the dust and crud from entering the trailer!  So now we can't wait to take it to either a sale, private farm or show with goats in tow!




 As the show season starts to draw to a close; we would like to send CONGRATS out to a few families who purchased goats from us. 


This Fall of 2012 doe kid proved to be a good choice for Zeke as she was named Reserve Grand Champion Breeding doe at the Iowa State Fair FFA show.  She also won her class followed by being named Reserve Champion Fullbood Doe Kid which led into being named Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Doe at the 2013 IMGA Day 2 show.  The IMGA show had over 200 animals exhibit each day of the 2 day weekend.

More winning for Miss Kitty and Kaylie
Kaylie F and TBG Capt's Miss Kitty

Kaylie F has had a fantastic year with Miss Kitty.  She has been in the running for winning her class or has won her class almost every show they attended.  This is just one of the days Miss Kitty did well --- Miss Kitty won Grand Champion Breeding Doe at the 2013 Warren County Fair. 

More winning for Miss Kitty and Kaylie

Miss Kitty was also named Champion Yearling Division Fullblood doe Day 2 at the IMGA shows plus was named Best Iowa Bred Born and Raised Fullbood Doe both Day 1 and Day 2 at the IMGA shows (Miss Kitty won this title in 2012 as well on Day 1 of the IMGA Show).

In 2013 we were sold out of show wethers by April 1... please start checking our website in January to see what we have to offer in 2014.  We will have a limited number of wethers to sell and will take reservations with deposits prior to weaning starting January 2014.
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